Tax free


Luxury department store

Tax free

International customers can reclaim the VAT on purchases made in TSUM as well as other premium locations selected to join the program — boutiques of Tretyakovsky proezd in Moscow or fashion department store DLT in Saint Petersburg.

The visitors from outside the Eurasian Economic Union can shop TAX FREE when spending a minimum of RUB 10,000 on a wide variety of goods available at TSUM — including ready-to-wear, accessories, watches and jewelry, by reclaiming the VAT on their purchases when they leave the country.

Tourist friendly

TSUM is shopping destination of choice in Moscow for global travelers. TSUM has been the first store in Russia to actively make itself appeal to foreign tourists via in-store navigation in Chinese and English, English and Chinese speaking personnel and special offers for international shoppers.

With its transparent price policy, biggest selection of most fashionable goods, tourist friendly environment and now TAX FREE shopping opportunity, modern day TSUM is the destination of choice for international shoppers and travelers.